Bullet Shih

Bullet Shih is an artist living and working in Budapest and New York.

Known primarily for his eclectic figurative paintings, he also creates ceramic and conceptual works.

Bullet Shih has exhibited extensively in New York and Central Europe, and in sundry other locations such as London. For more information on Bullet and his art, follow the links on this page.




Welcome, non-graphical browser user! This site should hopefully be navigable without any of the shiny pictures, though as a painting site they're largely the point.

The main non-graphical information about Bullet Shih's art can be found under Statements and the Biography. Here's a little extra info in case you're interested.

Some of Bullet Shih's favorite artists:

  1. Odd Nerdrum
  2. John Currin
  3. Lucian Freud
  4. Martin Kippenberger
  5. Francesco Clemente
  6. Egon Schiele
  7. Elmer Bischoff
  8. Gustav Klimt
  9. Francis Bacon

Some common misspellings of Bullet Shih's name:

  1. Bulett Shih
  2. Bullett Shih
  3. Bullet Shin
  4. Bulet Shee
  5. Bullet Shi
  6. Bulet Chi
  7. Bullit Shih
  8. Bullet Shah
  9. Steve McQueen

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